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  • LGBTQ in Child Welfare

    aecf-LGBTQinChildWelfare-2016CoverChild welfare workers needed a reliable, comprehensive toolbox for serving and supporting LGBTQ youth. Enter the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which called in the experts — the Public Research and Evaluation Services — to review existing literature about LGBTQ youth in foster care and to create a definitive resource for the child welfare field.

  • Young Fathers Workgroup

    asdThe Center for the Study of Social Policy’s (CSSP) newest policy report highlights the need to support young fathers by providing recommendations for child welfare system policy and practice change. This report was made possible through the commitment of a cross-national professional workgroup. Workgroup members devoted their time over a nine-month period and provided invaluable input in the development of this product. Dr. Harrison was part of that workgroup.

    Download the full report: Changing Systems & Practices to Improve the Lives of Young Fathers and Their Children and Their Families

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