Public Research and Evaluation Services

Every day, data driven organizations will make decisions that make a real difference because of the metric services PRES provides. Our services meet the needs of:

- Non-profit Organizations
- Hospitals / Health Care Service Organizations
- Businesses
- Faith-based Organizations
- Foundations/Philanthropic Firms
- Government Agencies
- Law Firms
- Schools (Universities, Districts,)
- International Companies

Measure Performance: PRES can help you develop an integrated performance measurement system to assess the accomplishment of project or organizational strategic goals and objectives.

Document Evidence: Your service approach to your customers/clients should be based on valid research data, as available.  Furthermore, services that result in positive outcomes should be thoroughly researched and documented.  PRES can help you in your efforts to determine the validity of existing research data as well as assist you in conducting sound evaluation and
research studies for exploring the effectiveness of your practices.

Determine Impact: PRES has the expertise and experience for conducting comparison and control group studies for quasi-experimental and experimental research.

Track Progress: All projects and businesses should set objectives detailing what they hope to achieve.  Work with PRES to determine your SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed). We design effective strategies to systematically assess your progress, over time and across sites, and communicate changes so that you can improve your

Assure Quality: With PRES services informing your work, you can develop, manage and deliver products and services that meet your stakeholder/client's confidence and fulfills their expectations.

Manage Change: Keep your organization or project on the cutting edge.  PRES can help you and your staff uses data effectively for continuous improvement and decision-making.

Our Capacity

Federal Wide Assurance

PRES has Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) for the Protection of Human Subjects with Chesapeake Research Review, Inc. as the designated Investigation Review Board (IRB).

Innovative Data  Collection – Our firm also has extensive experience in web-based data collection and other technologies.

Scannable Surveys – We design, print and scan surveys


  • Audience Response Systems ARS): PRES can come to your site and collect immediate data using ARS.
  • Video Assessments/Scenarios: We live in a digital world. PRES has some creative strategies for making assessments cutting edge.
  • Custom Data Bases: PRES can develop databases for effective data management within your organization.
  • Custom Collection Tools: PRES can develop tools that are tailored to your data collection needs of your organization.
  • Reliable and Valid Measurements: Building the evidence base is going to require the use of strong measures.
  • We have a strong record for developing psychometrically strong tools.
  • Web Surveys: PRES was one of the first and is an industry leader in using electronic data collection strategies.
  • Scannable Forms: We can develop and analyze scannable forms and surveys.
  • Interactive Voice Response Systems: Automated phone surveys are an efficient, cost effective strategy available at PRES for data collection.

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Public Research and Evaluation Services
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