Project Management for Implementation

It is typical for organizations to have innovative ideas, but that stall at implementation. PRES understands this and conducts Implementation Science to keep the project moving toward its intended outcomes. Through Implementation Science we help you determine and address major bottlenecks that impede effective execution. Of course, through this process we identify and plan for…

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Grant Writing

PRES has been successfully obtaining grant funds since 2001. We have extensive experience writing federal, state and foundation grants and bids.

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Diversity Initiatives

Organizations that value diversity call PRES to develop and implement initiatives. This includes mentoring, leadership and executive capacity building programs.

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Strategic Planning

Keep your organization or project on the cutting edge.  All projects and businesses should set goals and objectives detailing what they hope to achieve.  PRES will conduct a data driven strategic planning process that will enable you to design, implement and continuously improve organizational initiatives.

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PRES has extensive experience and expertise in conducting randomized controlled, quasi-experimental, longitudinal, cost and qualitative studies. PRES also conducts literature reviews. We have conducted these studies for universities, federal, and state agencies and foundations. Let PRES help you determine the full impact of your efforts. Services that result in positive outcomes should be thoroughly researched…

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We know that a strong evaluation plan and process will provide the road map to successful outcomes. Evaluation is included in most federal grant applications. PRES will develop an integrated performance measurement system to assess accomplishment of project or organizational strategic goals and objectives. Call us to help you develop a strong, fundable evaluation design.

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